Interacademic Commission for Alpine Studies (ICAS)

The Interacademic Commission for Alpine Studies (ICAS) is a joint commission of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) and the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS). ICAS set itself the goal to establish a platform for inter- and transdisciplinary co-operation in the domain of alpine studies. For this purpose, ICAS encourages research collaboration between natural sciences and humanities domains as well as the dialogue between research and the interested audience in politics, administration, practice and the public. ICAS aims at performing this high aim at the national level as well as in the international environment.

At the national level, ICAS stimulates interdisciplinary alpine studies, the procurement of current research themes to the interested public and the interdisciplinary exchange of information. To this end, the commission regularly organises national events together with different partners. Internationally, the commission, jointly with the academies and together with related institutions in the alpine countries, is committed to intensifying the alpine-wide research collaboration. The commission represents Switzerland in the International Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps (ISCAR) established to this effect.

Finally, the commission makes its contributes to the better availability of information on current alpine studies by offering and updating an information system in that field through the assistance of the ProClim- database.

The commission is composed of some 15 members from university institutes, permanent guests from different Swiss Federal Offices and non-governmental organisations as well as delegates of the academies. In addition, ICAS maintains a contact point and a management office in Berne. For its activities, ICAS may rely on financial assistance from the two academies and the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.

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